Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Japan cohesion and system update

"The spirit behind Japanese cohesion." I share Jeff Kingston criticisms of the book of Mary Haddad writer.

She got all her information chewed from the same "collusion" machine which turned Japan Gov and Japan Inc. into a nest of "Orwellian nature". I agree though with her "cultivating civic engagement" views. But you won't hear or even see about this nature unless blended into the arcane knowledge of the society, thanks to long initiation process. Therefore it is my impression that this Mary Haddad book is an example of what I call the tale of a fictitious reputation construction.

On the contrary I see many including younger JP talents and people who are fed up with their daily life at work (when they have one) There are politics, engineering, media, civil servants, reformists minded guys who, thanks to higher education, try to change the islands mindset.

Many try to allow this country to take a break from ice-age seniority system and offer to the society, and, to the Japanese women in particular, access to decision making level instead of maintaining (thank you Mr Noda) this pre-Jomon bureaucratic organization which delighted the amakudareees and the male chauvinists.

I see one solution: sending tons of salary-men (public and private) in their early 40's abroad for a 3 years assignment. Mission if they accept it:"Open your eyes on the real world out there and get yourself a modern world"!