Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Unless you have nuclear weapons 
you really do not have significant voice!"
Shintaro Ishihara

Shintaro Ishihara at the press club in Tokyo Tuesday, I asked him to share his views and motives and why he wishes a strong remilitarised Japan, why he does not trust diplomacy and prefers the force of the gun. We also asked the new president of Nippon Ishin no Kai (Japan Restoration Party) about nuclear defence policy, even-though there is a risk to endanger regional denuclearization efforts. 

Statements of Mr. Ishihara: 

On nuclear weapons: "Unless you are able to have nuclear power, nuclear weapons, you really do not have significant voice on the international stage." 

On the Senkaku: "If the Japanese are not willing and determined to shed their own blood you cannot expect the United States to step in and help. The point I want to make is you have to stand up." 

On China: "The government should try to resolve disputes with Beijing in a calm but resolute manner." 

What Shintaro Ishihara stated is that he now wants to start this nuclear simulation to develop a stronger deterrence power. Ishihara also wishes to share with the US the conventional strikes missiles that he says "can cause calamitous damages." 

Mr. Ishihara said he talks in private capacity, but he actually is the president of the Japan Restoration Party. So he means what he said. 

(Parts of his answers in this VDO on youtube. Not every segment corresponds to what Ishihara said and is in the order he said it due to the editing of this event.) 

Ishihara also criticised with irony the US president Peace Nobel prize saying that 6 months after he received the prize, US restarted nuclear test simulation. I also was listening with great caution what he said to me answering my question (13 minutes in 2 segments) about the patriotic-nationalism of de Gaulle who gave France her independence and rank as a major power. France with whom Japan has a very strong civilian nuclear cooperation for decades now.

Now what exactly is nuclear weapon simulation Ishihara advocates as a deterrence? What is it and what does it require technically, and does it mean Ishihara is to pave the way for a nuclear military industry build-up by Japan? Will therefore Japan keep its nuclear power plants industry to fuel a nuclear arsenal? Then question is where does Japan stand now regarding technological expertise in conducting nuclear simulation? 

It remains to see the result of the general elections of December 16th and if Mr. Ishihara's party will gain a seat in the cabinet in case of victory of the conservatives. That is, if LDP Shinzo Abe does not continue his cataclysmic statements during his campaign, such as how to finance deficits and setting a 3% inflation target. By the way, yesterday, BOJ dismissed Abe's talk of forcing the central bank to buy government bonds "in a bid to stoke the world’s third-largest economy." To be continued certainly...

Photo and interpretation of Mr. Ishihara from our Fccj staff

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