Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Junichiro Koizumi battles for a safer energy

 小泉 純一郎 Junichiro Koizumi

Japan popular former Prime Minister 小泉 純一郎 Junichiro Koizumi crusades for a safe energy policy for the archipelago. His wish is to realise the abolition of nuclear power plants. He will be invited November 12th at Japan National Press Club to challenge his 後輩 (junior) Shinzo Abe's nuclear policy while the Parliament enters into long debate regarding the future of the national energy policy.

Japanese electric (atomic) industries' plan, sustained by the Abe's faction, is to renew the whole park of nuclear reactors. Junichiro Koizumi voiced his opposition against this policy that generates nuclear waste for future generations rather than seeing Japan becoming a new energies more renewable and sustainable industry giant. 

As we say in English: "Koizumi calls the shots" as TV reported on Tuesday October 29th. All news stations TVs presented long reports about Koizumi's latest political move. Koizumi insisted today while meeting Parliament members that, quotes: "he is not planning to form a new party or a political force centered on anti-nuclear policy, but he will continue to seek to change public opinion, which will eventually influence the government." 

What is astonishing since the end of summer is that Koizumi step by step deconstructs piece by piece what he regards as negative for Japan future economy and generations while proposing to enter into a deep debate about the future of nuclear energy.

Junichiro Koizumi said that public opinion could be changed to lead the government to make a political decision to phase out nuclear power plants and that it would be impossible for the earthquake-prone country to continue nuclear generation. He opted out nuclear energy after the March 11th 2011 earthquake and tsunami that triggered the Fukushima Dai Ichi nuclear power plant accident.

Officials at the prime minister’s office and LDP senior officials seem genuinely  worried about Koizumi’s anti-nuclear call, according to the evening news. As one commentator said: Junichiro Koizumi remarkably knows how politics functions. His son the popular 小泉 進次郎 Shinjiro Koizumi is currently serving at the Diet and occupying an important position in the Abe's administration  acknowledges there is nothing that can stop his father once he decides his political move.

 小泉 進次郎 Shinjiro Koizumi

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Day when China and Japan will rebuild trust 

Asians will breathe better...

(Chine Japon, juste une question de confiance...)

I like the China school of Japanese diplomats (and the Japan school of Chinese diplomats) therefore I chose today this major news: "Beijing-Tokyo Forum calls on mutual responsibilities." This is real politics http://www.ecns.cn/2013/10-27/85929.shtml

Chinese and Japanese high hands on diplomacy talks happen in Beijing on a seminar occasion to try to mend faulty diplomatics gesticulations (as we know achieved by Abe's boys and hard liners of China military) for their domestic purposes. Question is can Mr Abe and his nationalists cool down with these territories problems in the China seas which disturb the economy and trade climate in NE Asia? Founded in 2005, the Beijing-Tokyo Forum is an annual large-scale international symposium jointly sponsored by China Daily and Genron NPO, a Japanese non-profit organisation. I see the presence of Japanese Ambassador to China Masato Kitera and of former UN undersecretary-general Yasushi Akashi (ex PKO Cambodia big man)

By the way, according to Japanese security commentators whom I met, the US are pushing Japan to go for the NCS (National Security Council) and for the anti-leaks bill (Secret Bill). So at the end of the day, let's relativize Sunday Japanese media news about the Camp Asaka's JGSDF review by Shinzo Abe and these inflaming (but factual) headlines seen in Reuters "Abe says Japan won't tolerate use of force to change regional status quo" or Afp's "Japan's PM warns China on use of force as jets scrambled".

Zhu Ling (left third), China Daily's publisher and editor-in-chief, meets Japanese Ambassador to China Masato Kitera during the welcome reception before the 9th Beijing-Tokyo Forum in Beijing, Oct 25, 2013.