Friday, March 18, 2016

Journalism? "Nothing matches the experience" Mediapart Philippe Ries said in Tokyo

Journalism: Emmott, Horsley, Mezzetti & Ries - Fccj 17th March 2016 - Tokyo

In the middle of the Fukushima crisis, in 2011, foreign media were criticised by Japanese authorities during Prime Minister Naoto Kan and Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano while Tepco was not telling the truth to Japanese and foreign audiences. Today 5 years after, similar pressure still continues with attacks by members of current administration of PM Shinzo Abe. Attacks against Japanese famous commentators and attacks against foreign media corporations. 

In Japan, these days under the nationalist administration of PM Abe, critics say that letters are being sent by those in power to the Japanese media before elections to tell them to be "fair in their reporting", it's an "indirect pressure favorable to those in power" William Horsley, ex BBC Tokyo, commented in Tokyo March 17, 2016 at a journalists' event held at the press club. 

"Having the ability to resist" "self-censorship" "complacency in our information age" "it's wrong to ask scholars to talk instead of foreign correspondents" are a few comments at a fascinating and refreshing conference at the Fccj Tokyo March 17, 2016. "Nothing matches the experience" ex AFP and current Mediapart Philippe Ries commented in sumarizing the event. 

Here is the VDO of the event :