Saturday, June 18, 2016

Charles Aznavour in Tokyo "We must continue to talk about it" (Fukushima)

Dinner of solidarity 06/17/2016 at Embassy of France in Tokyo for Fukushima with cooking of local Fukushima food by French Chefs to deter the rumours of radioactivity. Star singer Charles Aznavour attended. But he had a message, he loves Japanese people, his public.

About Fukushima catastrophe Charles Aznavour had this to say answering to a Japanese young reporter: "...things mustn't disappear like that. We must continue to talk about it (Fukushima) precisely so that everyone is concerned" Fr: "Il ne faut pas que les choses disparaissent comme cela, il faut continuer à en parler, justement pour que tout le monde soit préoccupé".

Actually I was the first to jump into the Aznavour interview. I asked, and filmed the question as everyone watched silently the entrance of the star-singer in the embassy lobby, Aznavour about he reason of his presence to this dinner (promoting Fukushima food). But the singer said he had problems to hear as he had not his hearing improvement equipment.

During the first part of the event attended by Fukushima governor Uchibori and minister of reconstruction Takagi and Ambassador Dana, much has been said by all three about the "rumours" affecting Fukushima agricultural products. Rumours of radioactivity. Rumours denied by ambassador Dana and Governor Uchibori in a brief Q & A session in answer to one Q of a French freelance journalist. "Much remains to be done obviously to deny these rumours (of radioactivity) said Ambassador Dana.

Needless to say that there was a moment of crisis as diplomats and officials were not prepared to such question-criticism-comment about Fukushima food. Obviously too not all journalists were willing to grill officials about the alleged harmfulness of Fukushima agricultural and fishery products.
This being said Aznavour saved their day. He actually told me he had sent a letter to Japanese of the region concerned after the earthquake March 11 2011.

Aznavour Dinner ©Joel Legendre-Koizumi 2016Tokyo
Aznavour Dinner ©Joel Legendre-Koizumi 2016Tokyo
©Joel Legendre-Koizumi 2016Tokyo

Aznavour gave three concerts in Japan this year 2016, he came several time here. In 1998, Aznavour was named Entertainer of the Century by CNN and users of Time Online from around the globe. He was recognised as the century's outstanding performer edging out Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan..."

Some of the 703 songs of Charles Aznavour I noticed this one "The Earth dies" this recent song by Charles Aznavour sums up well all the adverse consequences caused by man and his activities on the Earth and its inhabitants. "La Terre meurt" chanson récente de Charles Aznavour nous résume bien toutes les conséquences néfastes engendrées par l'homme et ses activités sur la Terre et ses habitants.

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