Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"No nuke bomb" Kantei says!

"There is no doubt that we will continue firmly
maintaining our policy of (upholding) the three
non-nuclear principles"
of not producing, possessing
or allowing nuclear weapons in Japan, Chief Cabinet
Secretary Takeo Kawamura told a news conference here.

Kawamura said in response to Nakagawa's Shoichi
remarks about "nuclear counters nuclear", referring to
North Korea's announcement that it would resume its
nuclear programme.

Earlier this month, another Liberal Democratic Party
lawmaker also said at a party meeting that Japan
should have nuclear weapons in light of Pyongyang's
rocket launch April 5.

It reminds me the story of the suitcase bomb...

Mock-up of a hypothetical "suitcase" nuclear bomb,
made once by Congress military advisor and ex CIA
Peter Pry *. It is basically a 105 mm artillery shell
device packaged in a large briefcase.

* Author of "War scare: Russia and America on the
nuclear brink". Published by Greenwood Publishing
1999 and of "Israel's nuclear arsenal". Published by
Taylor & Francis, 1984.

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