Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Diplomatic note, a Silicon Valley Lawyer and B.Obama's friend for Tokyo?

In today's Asahi Shimbun, Yoichi Kato from the Washington bureau

"The Obama administration has now decided to name John Roos, 54, to the post of ambassador to Japan and has notified the Japanese government of the decision on May 19. Roos is a Silicon Valley-based lawyer, who handles the merger and acquisition of information technology businesses as his main area of activities and did much to help Obama win the presidential election. The Obama administration had been in the final stage of coordination to name Harvard University Professor Joseph Nye, but it eventually chose Roos, based on consideration given to his close relationship with President Obama."

Roos is a Stanford Law School graduate. He entered a law firm in Silicon Valley, California, and is currently its chief executive officer. According to the law firm's website, Roos has expertise in corporate fundraising, business-related laws, and corporate governance. The website cites "Israel" as his foreign experience, and the "foreign language" section is left blank.

"To put U.S. media reports together, Roos has backed Obama through such activities as holding fundraising parties at his home before Obama's announcement of his candidacy in the presidential race. The New York Times reported in August 2008 that Roos was one of Obama's top fundraisers at the earliest stage. There is nothing in the U.S. media about whether he has had anything to do with Japan. It may safely be said that the Obama administration weighed Roos' close personal relationship with Obama over knowledge and experience like Nye's regarding foreign relations with Asia and Japan. Former Ambassador Schieffer, known for his close ties with President Bush, was such a case. The White House chose the Schieffer model and dropped Nye, according to an informed source. "

To be confirmed...

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