Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Who is this man standing near Kim Jong Il and who looks like Kim Il Sung?

North Korea went last month, late September 2010, through a series of large-scale events to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the founding of its ruling Workers' Party, and to rename Kim Jong IL as the top leader of the North Korean regime. KJI was reelected as General Secretary as officially announced on the KCNA news September 28th. DPRK, (North Korea) has introduced a successor named Kim Jong Un who, according to press reports, is said to be the 3rd son of current leader Kim Jong Il. KJI is now 69 years old.

I have been searching in the DPRK official communiques since September and things are clear and simple, nowhere have I found that the KCNA agency announced any information stating officially that this man of the balcony is Kim Jong Un, the 3rd son of Kim Jong Il. Someone forgot to send a telex? Who is this young man who looks like Kim Il Sung in his younger age? *** And I won't rely on any type and origin of propaganda papers whatever from DPRK, ROK, Japan based or else such as Radio Press, Daily NK.

Sources specialized on DPRK and Korean peninsula affairs confirmed this lack of official announcement. But they added "KJU might be presented as such," naturally. Why is there no official announcement on KCNA official link and sources?

I know it appears as a bit weird and I am certainly not speculating into controversy or trying to make any suspicious claim, although North Korea has educated foreign observers to double even triple check any piece of information about the Stalinian alike state DPRK.

Especially we know that DPRK is branded by watchers as a "Royal" family who has had a rather lavish and well-entertained life, with luxurious life style in hermit properties, with the female battalions. Reference about it is made in Bradley K. Martin's book "Under the loving care of the fatherly leader" about the Happy Corps Girls or de facto female concubines trained at Tongi-Ri. (Page 195 and more about the contemporary "harem" of the DPRK elite that some foreign VIPs' had the experience to attend). Therefore one question comes in mind: how many potential heirs, official or unofficial exist born from the leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il? Issue related to other Asian current royal families too.

On the contrary, the alleged natural heir of Kim Jong Il and officially recognized elder son, Kim Jong Nam, stated in Korean language during an interview made in Beijing to Japanese Asahi TV that he, Jong Nam, disapproved "hereditary succession" but that because there were "certainly intern reasons to this situation and that if it was the case", "then we have to accept it". Unquote. The last segment of this sentence suggest several interpretations, one being that eventually Jong Nam only serves the same propaganda as Pyongyang is willing to air, but that he also felt, as was previously said, betrayed by his biological father, in the same way as other "potential" heirs. To be continued.

Chosen Soren in disgrace in Pyongyang?

Now on "Chosen Soren", the North Korea resident association in Japan seems to be loosing influence in Pyongyang located Workers Party as they did not appear at the celebrations in Pyongyang. Why? Re organization? What we heard is that there was a limitation of financial contribution to DPRK from Chosen Soren since the mid- 2000's PM Junichiro Koizumi "embargo" and freeze of income on Japan based organization supporting North Korea. My Japan sources were crystal clear at that time, politics, police departments, diplomats in Japan and foreign. Everything has been made to cut the cash line between Japan and DPRK, at least, through the banking system. Koreans pro DPRK in Japan isolated by Pyongyang rulers?


Collected here are reports and images from the recent highly-orchestrated events in Pyongyang, with the "young general" Kim Jong Un in an excellent collage of pictures.

*** NB: Asian Gazette has no reason whatsoever to suspect that KJU is not the proper offspring of North Korean leader KJI but has not found any official confirmation from Pyongyang authorities and therefore expect official statements contradicting experts sources on North Korea who seem to be branding controversies on this dynastic transmission of power. No more no less. Could be a long wait in...

Sources: Reporter's Notes

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