Thursday, November 15, 2012

                     The dreams of Mister XI's New China 

The Chinese new "Number 1" Mr. Xi Jinping speech ends the election of the new leaders at the 18th Congress of the CCP today in Beijing. "Long and arduous journey of the CCP. China needs to learn more from the world and the world from China" Xi Jinping said in his inaugural speech in front of local and foreign media. Xi makes a conservative speech, with expectations of stability. No sign of soft approach or democratisation and extended freedom in politics or rights of expression on any current issues (Jiang Zemin Shanghai group strong influence is heavy handed behind the Xi regime) but an eye to continuous reform. 5/7 are old type of members. 6 friends of Jiang Zemin. Congratulations again the Shanghai Group...

Xi wants to fight the corruption and the bureaucracy, he says and repeats like all others before him... The new 7 seem of the hard blended conservative type. On the room wall, behind the 7 new members of the standing committee of the politburo presented to the press, I could see a big painting of mountains and waterfall, with grey cloudy sky, and red flowers, classic and beautiful. It reminded me of the famous Caucasian mountains proverb that I am often quoted when I work in Beijing by my Chinese old friends, and this is that "Two mountains don't meet, but two people do meet." Now, can China new leadership meet the world and engage?

The Xi speech was very orthodox, encouraging the Chinese people and minorities with strong nationalist touch. (Hello Japan...) No special words for the rest of the world outside except for the local and foreign press that Xi encourages to work to interact to a better knowledge and a "mutual respect". Impressive, serious, exhausted leadership. And it is within a few months after transition of power and possible surprises, investigations about new corruption cases...largely emphasised by Xi who asks for "vigilance" that China is to launch its same old rationalist policy making form of government.

Nothing new under the big *Red Sun* Mister Xi !

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  1. Professor Miyake considers there are a dozen factions within the CCP who plays the politics...


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