Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ABE Shinzo elected president of the LDP

A heir of a Japanese political dynasty leader of the conservatives

Abe Shinzo at Yasukuni shrine

Japan LDP conservative party new president is ABE Shinzo, 58. Elected at LDP Tokyo headquarters wednesday september 26th. He is a former prime minister (90th), and defeats former Defense minister ISHIBA Shigeru. ABE is the nationalists' candidate. Behind the scenes, the Senkaku Diaoyu crisis. He'll be the candidate of the Japanese conservatives if a general election is called by current Democratic party leader and current prime minister NODA. ABE Shinzo is a recurrent visitor of the Yasukuni Shrine inflaming China and Korea. In 2006, at 52, he was Japan's youngest post-war head of government but has given up his job as prime minister in 2007 September 12th because of a series of financial scandals involving some of his cabinet ministers, he also had been unable to pass the anti-terrorism laws at the Diet and he allegedly was said he resigned due to stress and physical problems he encountered during his administration. The political heritage of Japan Inc. proved the strong impact of dynasties on Japanese politics.

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