Monday, September 24, 2012

The Senkaku Diaoyu
When East Asian peace and development are threatened!

尖閣諸島。 RTLのフランスのニュース。
The link of my news-report on RTL MONDE French news channel 13:00 23 Septembre 2013 anchored by Daniel Férin. We reported live about the Senkaku-Diaoyu crisis from Beijing and Tokyo. Picture: the disputed Senkaku islets.

RTL MONDE "L'effervescence entre la Chine et le Japon à propos de 5 îlots et 3 rochers inhabités, soit 7 km carrés de territoires que les 2 pays se disputent. Fiévre nationaliste ou intérêts économiques, nous essayerons d'en savoir plus avec nos correspondants à Pékin et à Tokyo. ils seront en direct sur RTL.

(The turmoil between China and Japan about 5 islets and 3 uninhabited rocks, or 7 square kilometers of territory for which two countries compete. Nationalist fever or economic interests, we will try to find out more with our correspondents in Beijing and Tokyo. Live on RTL)

-尖閣諸島 Senkaku soft or hard landing, answer is with Chinese? If China appears as violent state, Japan will enter into diversifying its economy shifting towards other nations, Asia and others while reinforcing her defense. Diplomatic battles and major geopolitical and industrial shifts ahead. Development and social fault between Japan and China.

-To read with caution. "Map of Senkaku Islands in World Atlas published in China in 1960... Jiji news agency reported on Sunday that among the recently declassified documents in the National Security Archives at George Washington University was a May 1971 CIA report compiled to study the territorial claims for the Senkaku islets... they found yet another Chinese map showing that the islets were Japanese. This one was published in 1966 in an atlas for the Red Guards of the Cultural Revolution"

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