Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The proliferation risk of ITER

"Siting ITER in countries such as Japan, which already
has a large separated-plutonium stockpile, and an
ambitious laser-driven [fusion program], will
considerably increase its latent (or virtual) nuclear
weapons proliferation status, (i.e. its ability to
manufacture nuclear weapons on short notice) and foster
further nuclear proliferation throughout the world".

Although ostensibly a non-nuclear weapons state and
proponent of disarmament, Japan is confronted with the
weapons capability of other countries in the Asia region
(Pakistan, India, and North Korea). With the possible
siting of ITER in Japan, the country would have full
access to large-scale tritium technology and with its
stockpiled plutonium and reprocessing options all
necessary technology to produce "boosted" nuclear
weapons will be at its disposal. Regardless of Japans
intent, the siting could have a destabilizing effect in
the region and may push other countries to increase
their efforts for more advanced nuclear weapons."

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