Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Cultural Identity, democracy and global equity

3rd Forum on Human Development “Cultural Identity,
democracy and global equity� Paris, 17-19 January, 2005

Presentation :

The dynamics of globalization, the increasing flows of
commodities, capital, services, information and cultural
goods as well as the accelerated migration of people,
are rapidly changing the make up of societies. Some will
benefit hugely from these changes while others will be
unable to or even fall further behind. Inequalities will
continue to widen and identity-related demands will get
stronger. International and national governance of
economic, political and social systems must adapt to
this new reality of the 21st century.

In this context, government action is necessary and
urgent. New approaches to governance need to be invented
if we are to achieve progress in human development
overall or at least in terms of extreme poverty as
measured by the Millennium Development Goals.

Key questions the Forum will examine include: What room
for maneuver do governments have at their disposal for
responding to the expectations of their citizens and to
promote cultural liberty, respect for identities and
equity? How can human development be promoted through
international trade and foreign investment? What
measures can improve the international financial and
economic framework in order to reduce inequality? What
resources can be mobilized to finance human development?
On what basis can a new international solidarity be

The Forum will be held over 2 and half days, alternating
between plenary sessions and parallel sessions, to
examine these key issues in light of the latest policy
research and experiences of leaders from government,
civil society, and academia, the world over. The aim is
to promote viable responses to the challenges of human
development today and offer governments strategies for
meeting their commitments as signatories to the
Millennium Declaration of 2000.

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