Monday, March 14, 2005

Inter Korean economic cooperation moxie!

This is the sort of thing that destroys Washington's and
Seoul's Neo-Con family : The normalization of inter
Korean peninsula business and industrial links.

This also is the reality for most Korean hearts,
brutalized (say... for the recent history) by a century
of invasions.

Russia is reported to have said it is ready to flow
infrastructures in, with pipes for oil and gas, to
achieve this update on world affairs.

A world in the blue with the yet to come cynic
aggiornamento leadership on Korean peninsula.

Quotes :

"Yonhap news (2005-03-09) reported that the ROK
Federation of Textile Industries plans to set up an
office tasked with helping local textile companies
advance into an industrial complex in the DPRK, the
federation said Wednesday. The federation hoped to
establish the office in early April inside its
headquarter building in Seoul, as the public
announcement of allotment of the Kaesong complex land
comes out at the end of this month, which amounts to
50,000 pyeong in size.

Asia Pulse/Yonhap News (2005-03-09) reported that a ROK
apparel maker, said Wednesday that the first shipment of
its clothes made at the Kaesong industrial complex in
the DPRK will arrive in Seoul on Thursday. "One
thousand shirts of the casual brand 'KOOLHAAS' will
arrive at our headquarters in downtown Seoul Thursday
afternoon," the company said. Shinwon has a plant in
the industrial park near the inter-Korean border, which
symbolizes economic cooperation between the rival

Yonhap news (2005-03-09) reported that in recent public
appearances of DPRK leader Kim Jong-il, a new face has
emerged beside him -- Premier Pak Pong-ju. According to
DPRK watchers here, Pak has been rapidly rising above
traditional power holders in the DPRK's military and
ruling Workers' Party.

Yonhap news (2005-03-09) reported that the DPRK is
pushing for the modernization of its railway in the
western part of the country after completing a similar
project in the eastern area last year, the DPRK's Radio
Pyongyang said Wednesday. The report, monitored here,
said that the DPRK is also modernizing a process in
manufacturing wooden blocks used in building railways,
adding that it is making efforts to produce equipment
and parts used for rail transportation."

End of quotes

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