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Taiwan : 2015 Peak Oil, eternal distress and history mischiefs

by Joel J. Legendre

"Go" game to be continued between Chinese and Japanese
politicians on Taiwan issues, while CH/J business
corporations earn massive profits.

Fights erupt, caused by massive emotional and
strategical reasons, and, sometimes moved because of the
energy resources big fear, in particular on oil and gas
acquisition, generated by the BIG FEAR related to the
2015 PEAK OIL CRISIS. The Peak Oil deadline announced
for the year 2015 by professionals.

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Taiwan in East Asia fragile community also is the other
regional concern with North Korea, because of
geopolitics fears, often based on mistrust linked to
historical mischief and arrogant Chinese main land
political claims, according to Japanese officials who do
not wish to be named. In other words : The destiny of
this tiny island of Taiwan never bothers East Asia
watchers before and after Chiang ruling on Taiwan
from 1950 to 1975.

Does history repeats itself ?

Long before ruling Taiwan and back to the 1930's, Chiang
kai shek, the general who controlled the nationalists,
abandoned the Nanking city to maintain his army intact
from eventual loss facing the Japanese Imperial army,
or, as some say, in exchange of a certain amount of
money. Chiang left the city without any protection. Then
came the infamous December 13th 1937.

The Japanese Imperial army entered Nanking to "teach a
lesson to our Chinese friends" as Prince Asaka Yasuhiko
is quoted as saying, and allowed J troops to brutalize
and murder dozens of thousands of the Nanking
population, raped, decapitated, in front of foreign
witnesses, who later testified with data and pictures.
The rape of Nanking was " officially "led by Yangtse
Japanese army units commander general Matsui Iwane.

At that time although Matsui stayed in his hospital bed
at Sou Tcheou city, struck by tuberculosis, therefore
quite far from Nanking, historians revealed the Rape of
Nanking was initiated by Imperial Prince Asaka (mentally
devastated by the loss of his wife).

Chiang kai shek, as one knows, escaped China, after
being defeated by Mao's troops and supported by his US
allies, to Formosa, himself enriched with Chinese
treasures that still remain in Taipei and other main
banks vaults...

- On Prince Asaka Yasuhiko and Nanking :


Needless to say that controversy continues, as long as
Japanese and American authorities refuse to disclose
archives on the pre WWII events.


Now : Back to today's story.

Quotes :

"China warns US-Japan military cooperation should not
include Taiwan"

China warned increasing US-Japan military cooperation
should be strictly bilateral and not encompass its
arch-rival Taiwan.

"Any part of putting Taiwan directly or indirectly into
the scope of Japan-US security cooperation constitutes
an encroachment on China's sovereignty and an
interference in China's internal affairs," Foreign
Minister Li Zhaoxing said.

"The Chinese government and people are firmly against
such activities."

Li, who was speaking at the sidelines of China's annual
legislative meeting the National People's Congress
(NPC), characterized the military pact between Japan and
the United States as a "bilateral arrangement" that came
about under the special circumstances of the Cold War.

Li warned it should be "strictly restricted" to a
bilateral nature, warning any expansion of the alliance
could cause problems in the region, without specifying
how China would react.

"If it goes beyond the bilateral scope, definitely it
would arouse uneasiness on the part of Asian countries
and bring about complicated factors to the regional
security situation," Li told reporters.

Beijing has been increasingly wary of Washington and
Tokyo's close strategic partnership, seeing it as a
potential threat to its firm goal of eventually
reunifying with the island of Taiwan, by force if

China considers Taiwan, which has been ruled separately
since the end of a civil war in 1949, as a part of its
territory awaiting reunification.

Beijing last month voiced strong opposition to a US and
Japanese statement which described Taiwan as a common
security issue, slamming the allies' move as

Washington and Tokyo urged China, which has 600 missiles
amassed opposite the island, "to improve transparency of
its military affairs."

Related events : Latest comment from the Japanese
Foreign Affairs ministry Spokesman on Japan ODA to

XII. Question concerning official development
assistance (ODA) to China

Q: It has been reported that the Japanese Government
will terminate its official development assistance (ODA)
to China in the year 2008 when China hosts the Beijing
Olympic Games. Is it true?

Mr. Takashima: The Governments of Japan and China are
currently discussing through diplomatic channels the
future arrangement of ODA, especially yen credits from
Japan to China. No timetable has been set, and the
Government of Japan wishes that the issue of yen credits
to China will be settled in a mutually acceptable and
cordial manner.

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  1. Comment: Sure, the evidence against Asaka is pretty flimsy and it would be a mistake to hold him completely responsible for what happened in Nanjing at the end of 1937 and the start of the new year. Matsui is equally or more culpable, although it is also hard to apportion total blame.

    The events of the Rape of Nanjing appear to a large degree to have been spontaneous and self-perpetuating; a rolling, uncontrollable and hysterical killing spree under an imperial seal. Something like the massacres that occurred in Rwanda in 1994. But Asaka is here as a symbol of the culture that spawned the terrible events at Nanjing and elsewhere in Asia and the Pacific during the 1930s and 40s. The dangerous convergence of the imperial and the military. That Japan remains reluctant to admit the wrongs of the past and apologise diminishes its claim to have been the last victim of the Second World War.

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