Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Ultrarightist smashes chief priest's windows

In Japan, 21st century, the Emperor's naming still
provokes radical views of secular world as this
astonishing article explains. If you quote the Imperial
family, it is better to call them "Their Majesties" if
you plan to send a carton for a holly or private

quotes :

"Ultra-rightist smashes chief priest's windows over royal

An ultra-rightist has been arrested for smashing windows
at the home of Meiji Jingu Shrine's chief priest on
Saturday, police said Monday.

Kohei Yokoyama, 40, a high-ranking member of a
right-wing organization, was taken into custody for
trespassing and destroying property after turning
himself in at a Tokyo police station on Sunday.

During questioning, Yokoyama expressed criticism of the
chief priest, 70-year-old Katsushi Toyama.

In his organization's newsletter, he criticized Toyama
for mistakenly calling Emperor Akihito and Empress
Michiko "Their Imperial Highnesses" instead of "Their
Majesties" on the invitation card of a ceremony at the
shrine attended by the Imperial Couple.

Police are grilling Yokoyama over the motives behind his

At around 2:50 p.m. on Saturday, Yokoyama sneaked into
the premises of Toyama's home in the Kinuta district of
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, and used a wooden sword to smash
three windows of the home, police said. Yokoyama and his
family members were away at the time of the incident,
and nobody was injured."

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