Saturday, April 02, 2005

Aichi World Expo 2005 : "Japan's expo of contradictions"

A stimulating presentation of the ambivalence of the
2005 Aichi Expo :


By Cem Ozturk

NAGOYA - Two green plant-like cartoon creatures of
Japan's long-lost natural woodlands, Kiccoro, the
"Forest Child", and Morizo, the "Forest Grandfather" -
cute and ubiquitous official mascots - are overrunning
the 2005 World Exhibition, known as Expo 2005, dedicated
to "Nature's Wisdom". That wisdom, however, has been
thwarted and perverted with concrete coastlines,
cemented riverbeds, concrete and ironclad hillsides and
man-planted commercial forests that afflict many
Japanese with tearful pollen allergies. They - perhaps
as many as a third of the population - could be weeping
for Japan.

Click the title to access Asia Times article./.

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