Saturday, May 28, 2005

Gas dispute in East China Sea

Japan confirmed its plan to ask China about details of
China's natural gas projects in the East China Sea next
week, while in Beijing China said it does not want to
see the latest flare-up between the two countries cast a
shadow over the bilateral meeting. The two countries
have arranged a working-level meeting to help resolve
the row over the Chinese gas development projects.

The gas dispute, which will be discussed in a two-day
meeting in Beijing beginning Monday, centers on the
Chunxiao field, which has estimated reserves of over
1,600bn cubic feet of gas. The field lies well within
China's self-declared economic exclusion zone (EEZ), but
straddles the two countries? territories as defined by

China drilling installation is only 4km from the
median line that Japan claims is the internationally
accepted standard for determining sea rights, prompting
complaints that China is in danger of sucking gas from
Japan's side of the reserve.

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