Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why Japan needs to change!

" Why Japan needs to change! " You know, this is the
kind of headline you find in the press here in Japan,
like a perpetual mantra type improvement - "kaizen"
orientated kind of slogan for a society looking for
its "Way" out of its isolation in the Pacific ocean

Japan relegated as a minor player in Asia, as a no
voiced heard in the world thanks to its imposing
protector the Usa and in the shadow of 2 neighboring
giants that are China and Russia has apparently
decided "to say no" after... 54 years of genuflection
and self indulgence.

Where to?

Sunday August 30th is the day when it might happen! A
peaceful transfer of power in a quasi politically
fossilized Japanese archipelago with no views on its
own future, no hopes for its citizen rights or no
clear knowledge of its geographical boundaries.

Japanese electorate seems to have decided that there
is a need for political change in a nation that has
been controlled by the conservative LDP, a US post
World War II sponsored party, for all but around a
year since its creation in 1955. The irony is that
both contenders Aso and Hatoyama are both heirs of
political family dynasty which created the post-war
"Japan economical miracle" thanks to Wall Street and
the Pentagone.

And then Obama momentum came...

Back to the future scenario? No, Hatoyama team has
lots of power makers that won't let themselves pulled
by exaggerated "Gaiatsu" (foreign pressure) as we saw
with the recent secret nuclear deal suddenly thrown in
the campaign debate.

It also transpires that no fundamental changes will
come from the new policy and that business as usual is
to be the best posture in dealing with Japan new

What is the Japan perception of a Foreign
Correspondent living and working in Japan since the
Heisei era started? Here are my views published in
the "Asahi Shimbun" August 27th.

The Asahi is the second biggest daily newspaper in
Japan with a circulation of over 11 million and is the
Japanese equivalent of France daily Le Monde or Le
Temps in Switzerland.

✍ Click the picture to read the article.

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