Saturday, October 03, 2009

Vitória!! 2016 Brazil Olympics Carnival

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva won the 2016 Olympics to
Rio de Janeiro and gives South America its first Games.
International Olympic Committee members voted for Rio, Tokyo,
Chicago lost immediately, followed by suspense and the defat
of Madrid “It’s time to address this imbalance,” Lula told
IOC members in Copenhagen. “The Olympic Games belongs to all
people, all continents, all humanity.”

Brazil plans $11 billion of investment as host, more than any
other of the bidding cities. Lula said he was representing
190 million Brazilians with his speech. “For the others it
will be just one more Games, for us it will boost the
self-esteem of Brazilians,” Lula said.

After images of Rio’s beaches and Carnival celebration were
shown to IOC members, Central Bank President Henrique
Meirelles said Brazil’s economy was ready to host the Games.
He cited 8 percent growth in the second quarter and a record
employment rate in July. Pointing out a white-suited female
officer in the audience that he called Captain Priscilla, Rio
Governor Sergio Cabral said a new generation of police was
improving security in the city. The 2007 Pan American games
showed Rio can organize a major sports event.

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