Friday, November 13, 2009

Obama's mystery tour in Asia !

The "Obamug" is a top sales in Tokyo

I agree with Tobias Harris when he writes: "Hatoyama government is able to show that its foreign policy is not dominated by its alliance with the world's strongest military power the Unites States." But then this came in: "U.S. President Barack Obama expressed hope Friday to reach a conclusion 'expeditiously' on the disputed relocation of a major U.S. military airfield in Okinawa Prefecture through a new ministerial- level bilateral working group. Obama made the remarks at a joint news conference after a summit with Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama at the Japanese leader's office".

Okada recently told media a new group is to discuss the relocation of U.S. Marine Corps airfield in Japan's Okinawa Prefecture and that he plans this working group to seek "swift" settlement of the issue, but he did not refer to a specific timeframe within which the working group should reach a conclusion. Kyodo wrote that "the latest agreement is a sign that the two governments feel the need to continue making adjustments on the issue involving Futemma Air Station, further dampening prospects for a settlement of the matter by the end of the year as urged by Washington."

Maybe too quick on this Kyodo news...

When Okinawa reverted to Japanese control, one-fifth of the land was given over to US military bases, and remains off limits zone to Okinawaians. Kadena is constantly watched by NGO NPO and demonstrations are daily routine. A museum I visited in Okinawa city tells decades of tumultuous history, accident, rapes, crimes, disturbances, bad memories etc that shattered the islanders and fueled their anger against the "ally". The people there are not happy and do NOT behave as the Japanese islanders 700 km further north-east in their schizophrenic relationship with the "elder US Brother" .

So question is will a Democrat president, Afro American, have some different consideration for the Okinawa islanders whose island was once part of an independent island oceanic rich cultural nation who regarded their suzerain as China, not Zipango?

A few friends of mine just wonder how long time will be before Obama shows the red card to Hatoyama or call for the end of the game?

Obama's mystery tour in Asia will certainly be informative on one thing:
Asia is now getting more and more independent!

Just before to close the shop for today, one last issue. Who can tell me what happened to Ozawa Ichiro, the "eminence grise" of the DPJ? "Ichiro Ozawa, secretary general of the Democratic Party of Japan, criticized Christianity on Tuesday, saying the religion is "exclusive and self-righteous" and that Western society is "stuck in a dead end." Ozawa also said "Islamism is also exclusive, although it's somewhat better than Christianity" regarding exclusiveness. Is it the new Ozawa "stanza" to use some Satanic type verses?

Holly Smoke!

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