Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Flabbergasted Michael Moore pats Japan capitalism

Moore and starlet Ogura at TSE

"Quit being like us. Be the Japan you created after 1945,
you believe that you’re all Japanese and that you’re on
the same boat."

Documentary film maker Michael Moore made his own
show while visiting the Tokyo Stock Exchange for the
promotion of his latest work "Capitalism: A Love Story."

The film director is urging people in Japan to get
back to a social security system based on the spirit
of mutual trust, and warns that the country appears less
caring following the excessive reign of "conservative"

"You started to go down the other road, so my humble
plea is for you to come off that road with your new
prime minister and go down the road that we used to

Moore, 55, a Sumo sized belt, said he wishes the film
to encourage people in Japan to have second thoughts
about following ideas believed in the United States,
such as "only the strong will survive", and to revalue
the safety net system that Japanese people built to
help each other after World War II.

In the 127-minute film, Moore accused a handful of
leaders in the U.S. government and Wall Street of
obtaining funds, including taxpayers’ money, all to
themselves thus leading to making themselves richer and
most others poorer. Moore also urged President Barack
Obama not to expand the war in Afghanistan. He said
that he had sent Obama a message from his father, a
World War II veteran. "I passed on to him a personal
request from my father and his Japanese friend : Mr
Obama, you do not know war. We both know war and
want it no more".

✍ Now the issues is: if no gold and no money, what else,
slavery as a compensation to labor payment? Some
people get tired with these easy talks about finance.
Weird too confusing finance and conservatism.
Baba cool...

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