Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ozawa: "If Japan reinforces its military capability"?

Take off at Futenma, Okinawa

I received this in my news summary of the day. Ozawa

Ichiro, the de facto boss of Japan government, definitely

carries on with what some commentators and experts

call his favorite bullying tactics. We had samples on

this blog lately, now his focus is on foreign affairs.


Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) Secretary General

Ichiro Ozawa appeared on a TV Tokyo program aired on

the evening of Jan. 4. Discussing the issue of the

U.S. forces' Futenma base in Okinawa, Ozawa said:

"The biggest problem is that the Japanese government,

especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is unable

to speak up to the United States. The U.S. is

annoyed by this."

Ozawa added: "If there is no need for so many U.S.

military bases and soldiers in the front line, [Japan]

should say so clearly (to the U.S. side). It should

just say that we will defend our country properly and

will make international contributions in the following

ways, so there is no need to worry," stating in effect

that if Japan reinforces its military capability, U.S.

military bases can be downsized.

Ozawa refrained from commenting on the pros and cons

of U.S. bases in Okinawa. He said: "I am not in a

position to make comments on specific policies."

Ozawa has been making deceitful statements. He agreed

with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on

"reinforcing" the subservient Japan-U.S. alliance

last year while also advocating an "equal Japan-U.S.

relationship." (Source Akahata January 6th 2010).

Got to be checked further... But at the end, wouldn't

this give more speed to a "G2" formula (China US)

necessary "entente" on lots of things if we follow this

logic, after long arguing with the fundamental doctrine?

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