Thursday, February 04, 2010

You don't understand Japan? Check the online chats!

Nightingale (Luscinia megarhynchos)

When scholars talk about Japan or China and Taiwan future
in non magical incantations, it gives such a thing :

W... post on the informative NBR forum on Japan
affairs February 1st, following the US weapons sales to
Taiwan that inflames Beijing allowed chatters to open
fire. Quotes : " It seems entirely possible that China
will sooner or later come into possession of Taiwan.
This would alter Japan's strategic position quite
markedly, by substantially increasing China's potential
to threaten both the Ryukyus and Japan's sea lines.
Some would argue that this is irrelevant so long as
China remains a friend of Japan, but Japan must
consider what the price of Chinese friendship may be
and how the possession of Taiwan might affect it."

To this post an other comment from one of my honorable
colleague at FCCJ:

" Does not Japan recognise China's sovereign right to
Taiwan, as one of the conditions for recognition of
Beijing in 1972? Or are we to list this amongst the
several other inconvenient facts that we are supposed
to ignore when it comes to Japan's relations with its

Now simply said, when you ask the question to Chinese
and Taiwanese, which I did, media or diplomats, they
all seem to agree that with the time it is
inevitable... Time is just a variable of uncertainty
by definition.

Other interesting debate on NBR forum : Futenma, Japan
versus China on regionalism leadership, lately on
Chunxao field etc.

Naturally it costs to have such forum functions and a
call to support the US Japan forum is made here

Sometimes, debates get hot, with occasional
disagreements... Like here on U.S. Japan Alliance
versus China:

2 scholars, one is Chinese and the other one an
American. Both well versed in such themes.

"For all I know, Mr. A... may be entirely right in
his understanding of the U.S. promise to Japan. If
so, then the treaty is worse than I thought: as
foolishly drafted as it is now past its sell-by date.
On the other hand, if he was right, then Japan would
long ago have taken all kinds of actions it has so far
avoided on all its territorial claims that its
neighbors dispute."

An other forum on Asia exists such as the refined
SSJ-FORUM of the Institute of Social Science,
University of Tokyo

Interesting and informative tools for Asia watchers

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