Tuesday, June 22, 2010

China and Japan life disrupted by record-level monsoon

In southern parts of southwestern Kyushu five municipal governments in Kagoshima Prefecture issued an evacuation advisory Monday and disrupted train services, affecting thousands of people. The Kagoshima prefectural government and local weather observatory warned of possible disasters from landslides. In the five days since Thursday the city had been inundated by the same amount of rain that usually falls in the whole of the annual rainy season. Trains and traffic interrupted, people moved out of their homes. Same in China, more heavy rain will hit southern China this week following severe flooding triggered be much as 2 feet of rain last week. A stream of water-laden air tied to the summer Monsoon will cross the southern China on its way from India to southern Japan. This stream will trigger widespread heavy rain in a broad swath from Yunnan east to Fujian and Zhejiang including hard-hit Guangdong and Guangxi.

And the Monsoon will cover the Japan main islands on Wednesday as seen on this forecast

Courtesy of the JMA

Sources: Japan Meteorological Agency, ANN, Reporter's Notes

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