Saturday, June 05, 2010

Elected Kan stirs DPJ's factions' war after Ozawa 150 MPs' defeat

Ichiro Ozawa, the shadow shogun, ousted?

Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) legislators close to former DPJ Secretary-General Ichiro Ozawa are intensifying their struggle opposition against Prime Minister-elect Naoto Kan. The opposition of this DPJ faction comes after the Kan appointement of Yukio Edano, former state minister for government revitalization and a staunch Ozawa opponent, to succeed Ozawa as Democratic party secretary-general.

With the House of Councillors election looming this summer, Kan aims to recover the declining public support rate for the government and the DPJ by projecting an anti-Ozawa image. But such a strategy could adversely affect the stability of the administration, only boosting discontent among members of the pro-Ozawa group.

Ozawa's faction agitation is next move. He and his 150 MPs' to act in the shadow until September DPJ convention leadership election. Ozawa will strike again...

Sources: Reporter's notes

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