Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pop songs and Girls' bands♫♪: the new weapon launched towards North Korea!

Girl's Generation

"This is the new weapon against North Korea reported by the South Korean daily "Chosun Ilbo" who printed June 14th and without a laughter that the South Korean Defense Ministry is apparently minded to use songs and music videos by girl bands such as Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls, After School, Kara and 4 minute in psychological warfare against the DPRK.

Do not underestimate these Lolitas, they are the new Psy-Ops lethal secret weapon of the free world against Machiavelli's of Pyongyang!

An official in charge of psy-ops at the Joint Chiefs of Staff said, "It will take months to set up the big screens to use in psychological warfare operations and a wide range of contents will be shown. I don't know whether songs by girl groups will be included, but there is that chance since pop songs were used in the past." The JCS official said he is unsure how effective the work of girl bands will be. But the revealing outfits worn by the performers and their provocative dances could have a considerable impact on DPRK soldiers."

Maybe Yon-sama (Bae Yong Joon) will also be used as a tool to seduce the DPRK's mammies? But Imagine...♪♬♯♪ what if, in a poisoned scheme, North Koreans female commandos currently rehearsing fight back, cross the 38th parallel towards South Korea with the sole mission to kick ROK's boys?

Someone! Call a doctor!

Sources: Chosun Ilbo, Nautilus Institute at the University of San Francisco Center for the Pacific Rim, California, USA. Nautilus Institute at Seoul, ROK. Reporter's notes.

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