Saturday, August 28, 2010

Setouchi National Park: "Korakuen"

A creative garden "for a wise ruler"

Korakuen Garden (後楽園)

One of Japan's official Three Great Gardens of the archipelago and it means "Garden of Pleasure After", a reference to a famous Confucian quote stating that a wise ruler must attend to his subjects' needs first and only then attend to his own.

Entering through the South Gate, one can see a giant lawn, crisscrossed with wide paths and the occasional teahouse, also waterfalls, tiny shrines, miniature maple forests, a lotus pond, even a greenhouse filled with orchids and cacti.

Beautiful too across the Moon-Viewing Bridge (Tsukimi-kyo) is the Okayama Castle.

Then, Japanese TVs' and newspapers interviewed the RTL's Correspondent after this visit...

With our thanks to Okayama Prefecture Mori-San

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