Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Festive Dynasty show to kick off in Pyongyang!

The thickest military controlled border ever, still there is not a soul to forbid any picture of DPRK or stroll around the Yalu near the Friendship bridge!

The cellular phone works and so do the emails... but what the hell is going on beyond the river in the Stalinian North Korea?

Tomorrow maybe the beginning of an answer. Dealing with constant obstacles created by agitation born from ignorance and propaganda on both side of the west and the east tend to resemble to a classic tragedy, or for the least to provoke a serious case of apophenia especially to politicians and military personal...

Kim Jong-Il depicted by foreign western media as a dictator,which probably he is. But it is without taking into consideration the system where he and such rulers of undemocratic nations have to make their daily lives. The higher you climb and the most repressive the political regime is, the more your options as a political leader are reduced. Is KJI, a Nero alike who tries to put fire to his capital and his peninsula and beyond, or has he just been a tool in a Machiavellian mechanic that was created by his regime and the strong men behind, as much as the democratic regimes he is facing with shared responsibility?

Murders, attacks, repression, killings, kidnappings, but also misery, isolation, poverty, ignorance. DPRK today has an option get out of a middle age archaic state and move on to the path of progress. But no mistakes should be made with those who will inherit his power which, it is rare enough to be noticeable, will be displayed Tuesday in a relatively smooth atmosphere where the only gunfire, if ever, will be shot in a spirit of fiesta and celebrations of a possible new era.

Now what we heard without being able to confirm 100% because DPRK does not trust its own people and 'a fortiori' foreigners is as follow. The Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), the ruling party of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), will hold a major conference on Tuesday to elect the party's highest leading body. The conference, the first of its kind in 44 years, is to be of great influence to the country's future. North Korea's state media has provided no information about the details of the conference. But sources said that the army had elected Kim Jong-Un, the youngest son of the North's ruler, as a delegate to the meeting while Kim Jong Il promoted Kim Jong-Un to the rank of general in the Korean People's Army with 6 other high ranking officials including KJI sister, Kim Kyong-Hui.

These sources said Kim Jung-Un, Kim Jong-Il’s youngest son, oversees the celebrations and meetings as a powerful Delegate that the army had elected. It means that all the preparations for the meeting, including personnel affairs, gifts for delegates and accommodation as well as the selection of actors, commercials, finances and so on are under is mandate. "Jang Sung-Taek, senior official of the National Defense Committee and the head of administration, assists Kim Jung-Un only in security affairs." These are North Korean sources.

Delegates to WPK Conference Arrive Here
Pyongyang, September 26 (KCNA) -- Delegates to the conference of the Workers' Party of Korea arrived here on Sunday. They were greeted by the officials of the preparatory committee of the WPK conference.

Then, sources continue, the party is expected to elect members of the Central Committee first, and then a plenary session of the Central Committee will elect members of the Politburo, the Secretariat, and the Central Military Committee. The source speculated that Kim Jon-Un will be elected to the Central Committee and then given a key post such as a member of the Presidium of the Politburo or party secretary, provided he makes an appearance at all. The source added, "It may be possible for the North to hold a plenary session of the party Central Committee separately later," so Kim Jong-Un's election to a key post could also be delayed.

His uncle, Jang Song-Taek, who has been presented as "a regent" figure will handle Kim Jong-Un (with his wife Kim Kyong-Hui, sister of Kim Jong-Il) through his early years in power if his father dies, following complicated medical issues after a stroke in summer 2008, and, since then has been treated by French and Chinese doctors.

Technically speaking, sources add that the WPK conference can debate and make decisions on urgent issues such as the party's lines, policies, strategy, personnel changes and tactics. Previously, the DPRK has held two such conferences, one on March 3 to March 7, 1958 and the other on Oct. 5 to Oct. 10, 1966. The WPK conference's role is to elect its highest leading body, which is a timely move to reinforce and improve its function and mechanism. Domestically, the WPK faced heavy tasks in building "a great prosperous and powerful nation," which required a strong and vigorous leading body. Recently, the DPRK media repeatedly underlined that the country would resolve economic issues on its own.

Kim Jong Il, top leader of the DPRK, paid unofficial visits to China twice this year, respectively in May and August, during which he said the DPRK was working hard in developing its economy and improving people's living conditions... Sources also said he was accompanied by his son to be presented as the Youngest Leader who will implement the reforms that should allow the nation to modernize as her neighbor, China, did 30 years ago.

Down south in China seas, the South Korean and the US are flexing muscles and holding military exercise, mostly anti-submarine drills aimed at showing strength against North Korea during the succession celebrations. Ten ships and 1,700 troops from both nations were taking part in the five-day maneuvers off South Korea's west coast, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said. The United States Forces Korea said the war exercise, while defensive in nature, was "to enhance inter-operability and designed to send a clear message of deterrence to North Korea."

North Koreans are dangerously experts at Tae-Kwon Do martial art, here is a KCNA picture of the DPRK (North Korea) Pyongyang Bureau of Information and Communication staff...

State-run media in North Korea said the drills were a military provocation. The exercise was originally scheduled for early September but postponed because of a typhoon and now has begun a day before this September 28th 2010 biggest meeting of the North's ruling Workers Party in decades! And it happens exactly where the ROK Cheonan ship sank after an unexplained explosion that triggered lots of anger and vociferous accusations from Washington Seoul Tokyo and harsh answers from Pyongyang and Beijing...

The North Korean regime also has a show of his own to be presented with a possible presentation of missiles including its long-range Taepodong missiles,able to reach with a nuke payload Hawaii, Alaska, or even the US West coast.

Update: October 4th 2010

Asian Gazette September 28th 2010 exclusive informations were published thanks to contacts and sources that have to remain anonymous prior to media agencies dispatches on the issue of Kim Jong Un visit to China with his father Kim Jong Il according to a telex of the Afp quotes of a Yonhap information, today October 4th 2010:

"SEOUL — North Korea's young heir apparent accompanied his father Kim Jong-Il on two visits to China this year in preparation for an eventual power transfer, a report said Monday.
The leader's youngest son behaved like a bodyguard to his ailing father during the trips in May and August and travelled under an assumed name, Yonhap news agency quoted sources on the North as saying.
Kim Jong-Un, believed aged about 27, apparently cemented his position as heir when he was appointed four-star general and given key party posts during last week's rare communist party meeting.
His official photo was published in state media for the first time.
Analysts had speculated that Kim Jong-Il's visit in August was aimed at garnering support for the hereditary power succession from China, the impoverished North's sole major ally and economic lifeline.
"Jong-Un, dressed in a suit, acted as if he was a bodyguard and accompanied Kim Jong-Il closely," Yonhap quoted a source as saying, adding the trip would be used to showcase his loyalty to his father.
But the young protege did not attend key meetings with senior Beijing officials such as the meetings in May and August between Kim Jong-Il and Chinese President Hu Jintao, said the source.
South Korea's National Intelligence Service said it could not confirm the report."

Sources: Agencies, Kcna, Reporters' notes and quotes.

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