Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Global Japanese Brands on the Move

Build a Smart and Friendly Life

The Japanese government has sanctioned a fresh ¥915 billion (€ 8.47 billion - $10.9 billion) stimulus package to prop up the nation's export-led economy affected by the strengthening of yen.

Answering to the powerful Japanese industry concerns, the government said it "will take decisive actions, including intervention in currency markets when necessary."

Unlike other parts of the Japanese economy, the electronics-goods market has consolidated. Already, a substantial rebound emerges in the communication and social infrastructures sector, electronics, industrial machinery, precision equipments, environmental management systems, according to investors and industry sources.

Illustration of this technology update with the Yokohama Smart City Project (YSCP) announced on Monday Sept 13 by Mayor Fumiko Hayashi. The city management will achieve a sustainable low-carbon city (smart city) by investing in cutting-edge technologies in various forms, from the smart grid and electric vehicles (EV) to the overall social systems from the supply side to the demand side of energy.

Yokohama Mayor Fumiko Hayashi

Mission is to keep the existing city of 3.7 million citizens living comfortably and with a new social system beneficial to the regional economy, and in parallel, to export Yokohama model solutions abroad. Yokohama has a sister city in Lyon and others in Europe, the US, Orient.

Yokohama, 2nd populated city in Japan with 3.7 million citizens

First of all, YSCP is to start from the Minato Mirai 21 district (MM21) to be presented during the November Apec meeting. Yokohama will offer the "Green Technology Showcase". Companies such as Accenture, Toshiba, Nissan, Panasonic and Meidensha are also participating in the project, which aims at 4,000 smart houses, 2,000 EV, and 1.6 million square-meter BEMS --Building Energy Management SysteSystem-- which optimizes energy demand and supply by leveraging IT.

Tomorrow's electric cars from Nissan will shape a new concept for auto manufacturers. Will you buy an electric car and a battery not only to drive but also re-use the battery in your smart energy consumption house thanks to Nissan and other industries? Huge potentials ahead...

Today's car and tomorrow's smart concept?

Nissan Leaf electric car, a natural line, but thinking of electric vehicles as sporty cars is not out of question according to Nissan Executives, example with a new revised version of the current GT-R up to 530 horsepower which is to be expected to be confirmed before the end of 2010. After all, when Keio university laboratory in Tokyo launched the spot electric experimental model "Kaz", it reached the speed well beyond 200km/h...

The GT-R electric?

Sources: Yokohama City, Nissan, Foreign Press Center Japan, Reporter's Notes

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