Tuesday, September 07, 2010

North Korea Kim Jong-un: Real picture or... a fake?

Is this man on the left, with a red tie, Kim Jong-un the son of North Korea regime leader Kim Jong-il? Or is he a simple manager engineer of the "Kim Chaek Industrial Complex" accompanying the leader Kin Jong-il on past visits? Chosen because of a resemblance with Kim Il-sun?

The image is spread all over the world by news agencies and thanks to the Internet, including on newspapers and military analysis sites such as http://bit.ly/Uando

If he is not the KJI offspring, then this photo would be a forgery, a fake image that was published without official confirmation by news agencies, photo news agencies and newspapers.

What also circulates on the Internet is a picture of a child, presented as Kim Jon-un, "while in school abroad" years ago.

The Kim Chaek Complex is named in relation to a Korea War General, it is the largest steel producer in the DPRK. A pipeline supplies iron ore from the Musan Mine located in Musan County, in the North Hamgyong Province.

Besides, sources in Pyongyang have reported news of a decree instructing provincial Party delegates to assemble in Pyongyang by the September 9th for the Chosun Workers’ Party Delegates’ Conference. As Asian Gazette published yesterday.

The Delegates’ Conference is reported to be held in the Pyongyang "April 25th People’s Army House of Culture". All together 5.000 delegates and audience.

In the interim, the French doctors led by Professor Roux of Paris Sainte Anne hospital who examined Kim Jong-il in North Korea last month http://bit.ly/c2mDMG are still unheard of, although energetically searched by media (who are not in a hurry though to publish any interview) as he is looked for by reporters and governments ' agencies.

No wonder.

Pyongyang capital of Willows

This is a picture distributed by China's Xinhua News Agency, Pyongyang where we see citizens heading back home after attending a celebration ceremony rehearsal for the upcoming Conference of the Workers' Party of Korea in Pyongyang, North Korea. This pic was made on Sunday.

Security is tight and hotels are "full", here is the specific decades old project Ryugyong hotel, still under renovation...

Sources: Reporter's notes

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