Tuesday, October 26, 2010

About a "peaceful rise of China" that fits Japan and India

Henri Matisse, Le jeu de Boules (Game of Bowls) 1908

"We would of course both Japan and India wish to see the peaceful rise of China."

India Foreign Secretary Mrs. Nirupama Rao to the international press during Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visit in Tokyo.

About a "peaceful rise of China", IBNS writes that Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Japanese counterpart Naoto Kan have emphasized on engaging China in more productive dialogue. How the three biggest Asian economies - China, India and Japan - need to cooperate for a common further rise in the global scene?

Each country, Japan and India, has a special relation with China, and the question is to define how important these relations are from a strategic, security and economic point of view, according to Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao: "How both Japan and India desire a peaceful and productive relationship with China, and how it is essential to engage China in closer and more open dialogue?"

... "The fact is that there are systems in place and we mentioned from our side (India) that we have a very well-functioning system to discuss these issues, these differences with China have to be engaged in a peaceful way"

The growth of the Chinese economy, China's emergence as a global power, its military modernization, its ability to project its influence in the region when it comes to respective neighborhoods, these are all issues that will require a close analysis, a study, and understanding because of dealing with the rise of China.

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