Monday, October 11, 2010

Bretton woods vs 2010 Paper Tigers 纸老虎

Max Gallo, de l'Académie Française (Chair of JF Revel) is a well-known French commentator and the "Immortel" author spills the beans

Few quotes

"We are aiming at the end of a great historical long cycle that started in 1820 after 200 years of western domination. We cannot see, as in the past, if western nations would control the world. [Economical facts do not reflect political reality. Notes of AG]

The IMF chairs of Benelux (Belgium Holland Luxembourg) have more power than China and more than India today in spite of their both impressive weight in international trade and the political affairs. Will the soon coming G-20 Seoul Summit be able to re-balance the chairs of international organizations and global realism according to today reality instead of the 1950's order?

Not that easy to pressure China on the Yuan Renminbi, (after Japan' Yen in the 80's) especially this happens with an EU without diplomacy who just appears as an unbuilt EU conglomerate of non-united countries... and while 4 trillion of $ are traded each day. Will the $ remain as an international currency, what if an international crisis was to happen to the US economy?"

"The youth is courageous and generous to struggle for their future."

End of quotes

To listen to this most informative show with Max gallo as the star of the day

Sources: France Culture, "Esprit Public" 10-10-2010.

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