Friday, November 12, 2010

From the Media Center of Yokohama APEC

Yokohama Apec, the International media center

I was caught by Japanese TV cute lady reporters crews patrolling the Yokohama International Media Center for the summit of APEC. They're catching foreign journalists they have on their radar screen not with the usual "do you like Japan?". No, they come with their smile and their guts and start with tough questions such as: "do you support or not the TPP, what's about this China Japan naval fights, what about prime minister Kan, do you think president Hu is too tough, do you think the currency crisis will affect your life? I enjoyed especially the very good professional of TV Asahi Yajiuma infotainment who asked me for an interview for their program. I swear I tried to make it short! Then, I asked them the same questions... slower!

I also tried the 3D smart grid project of Yokohama
and Nissan, the "energetic" city of the XXIst Century?

So far, except lots of security deployment (21,000 police and affiliates) less smiling than the Japanese TV reporters, regarding the summit, it can be summarized into 2 items: a) a failure of Mr Maehara to let his partners talk at the join-press conference yesterday, and b) the hope that APEC Ministers could resist protectionism, and so far only advocated creation of free trade area. Neighboring Seoul hosted G20 did nothing about currency wars, who could do better... On this I liked reading Martin Wolf comments in the FT special reports Nov 11.

Met great people at the Japan Chamber of Commerce seminar, Jessica from Peru showed how Small Growing Business enterprises like hers can do to get funding for building their dreamed factory. She now sells her textile in France, UK and USA. Also a great chat with the Ambassadors of Global Vision Junior Team of Canada Jackie, Marianne and Philip. French, Chinese, Japanese and English were our 4 languages used into a 10 minutes fun and exploring exchanges. This is the Asia of today.

Now time to see what the Keidanren is doing about this Pacific Rim that Mr Hu Jintao does not really feel like entering. Wasn't he the coldest and maybe the coolest leader at Seoul hand-shaking ceremony? He is much expected in Tokyo by a Mr Kan desperate to have his summit with the Forbes man of the Year!

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