Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On the sidelines of APEC: Tea Time at Yokohama Sankei-en

Looks like I was framed by a Japanese reporter while I reported in Yokohama for the Apec Summit...



三渓園(中区)や中華街(同)などを巡る観光バスツアーは連日運行しているが、9日に参加したAPEC関係者は2人。その1人、フランス人男性記者 は「大変素晴らしかった」と話したが、「確かに参加者は少ないね」と苦笑いした。


Yokohama organized several events during the Apec Summit including visits and conferences. One of the most visited place on the sidelines of the international summit was Kamakura of course for US president Barack Obama was reminded of his childhood and added "gastronomie oblige" to his happy memories the perfume of a green tea ice-cream while watching the Big Buddha. And the other place to visit was the Sankei-en garden where Michele Obama and the other 20 Apec First Ladies gathered for a traditional and magic Japanese tea ceremony in this gorgeous garden designed by a millionaire called Tomitaro Hara, a "dilettante" silk merchant of the 19th century.

Tourists are mesmerized by the gardens, lakes, splendid pavilions and a pagoda (reminded me the London Kew Garden pagoda by the way) that were bought by Hara himself in locations all over Japan, from Tokyo, Kyoto, Kamakura, Gifu and Wakayama prefectures. The garden was donated in 1953 to the City of Yokohama, entrusted to the Sankeien Hoshōkai Foundation.

Sources: Kanagawa shimbun, Sankei-en site, Reporter's Notes

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