Monday, December 20, 2010

2011! Tragedy for car sales in Japan?

Japan's car makers are doing well abroad, but are having and will continue to have a terrible time in the local market. The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association reckons that sales will fall by at least 10% to just 4.4m units next year, the lowest sales level since 1977.

Although there was a brief pick up in numbers this year, leading to probably around 4.9m units being sold, this was largely due to the government subsidies on green vehicles and this ended recently.

"The association blames the decrease on the end of government subsidies for people to buy environment-friendly vehicles and the uncertain outlook for Japan's economy. If the prediction is true it will mark a fall of 40% from 1990 when new car sales topped 7.7m and the lowest level since 1977 when they were 4.2m."


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