Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Japan March 11th 2011 - Tohoku Kanto Daishin Sai, the urgent call of reporting here about the catastrophe!

UPDATED (2011 and 2012) regularly with selection of my news reports about the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident of Fukushima. Over 130 live voice reports aired on RTL France since March 11th 2011.
I assumed my mission in Japan during the period of emergency and since...

Reporting on this terrible earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident since March 11 2011 in Japan, I want to express my sincere thanks to all those close to me, also my friends and my Paris colleagues, for their incommensurate support in my reporting about the 311, the triple catastrophe of the "Tohoku Kanto Daishin Sai" since March 2011.

This "Tohoku Kanto Daishin Sai," the name given in Japanese, a terrible earthquake and tsunami followed by this nuclear catastrophe have shaken not only Japan but also the whole planet. A tsunami as it had not happened since 400 years in Japan, historians say!

It is a lesson for those of us who might not think of the words of Marie Curie caught by Noriko Hama of Doshisha: "Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood..."

Information bombards us from screens to headlines, she writes, we still deserve to be given the ammunition to understand what is going on, and in spite of a poor communication.

Yes, this nation will start again with the proud courage of her people, the Japanese have been holding on in an admirable way, and I was here in Japan to witness this merit.

Now... my thoughts are to go for further action and to talk about those who are awaiting help, freezing, lost and abandoned. But also to the reconstruction of Japan! Reports, reports, reports let's carry on ! Lot to do!

Listen to some of my live reports with Paris:

RTL Belgique 14 Mars

RTL Belgique 15 Mars

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Témoignage de ce que j'ai vécu lors des premières minutes du tremblement de terre:

Fukushima 8 months after, the nuclear power plant opened to a small group of journalists, I joined the pool organization for RTL. Here is my live report on RTL November 12th 2011:

Sources: Correspondent Reporter's notes, agencies, blogs, Internet.


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