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May 6th 2012 the day when Japan was nuclear free

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"You may believe it's a chaotic world without any rhyme or reason. How you perceive the world not only tells about the world, but it is also a reflection of how your mind works." (Zen philosophy)

May 6th 2012, an important week end, Japan closed its last nuclear power reactor. France elects a new President of La République...

The last of Japan’s 54 nuclear reactors switched off May 5th ! Tomari No. 3 reactor operated by Hokkaido Electric Power Co. shut down Saturday in Japan's northernmost main island of Hokkaido for maintenance. The question is to see if Japan will survive the summer without power blackouts. If yes, citizens may pressure the government to accelerate temporary nuclear shutdowns. A two decades move requested by 54% of people surveyed recently by Tokyo Shimbun. Prime minister Noda's government options are to re-open the nuclear plants of Oi, in the Fukui prefecture, west Japan, a topic monitored by Osaka mayor Hashimoto Toru who wants to make it a national concern. Hard indeed to convince the Japanese, a recent survey by Kyodo news agency established that 60 per cent of respondents are against restarting the Oi reactors. The next political agenda of Japan is opened for a candidate prime minister able to conceive how to develop a sustainable friendly to environment strong economy in the post-Fukushima 3/11 era? Theme which is very dear to the Japanese society who praises prosperity and modernity... I reported on this issue on RTL recently.

A bad news for the contamination of food in Japan, we heard that some indelicate Japanese importers companies have apparently flooded Japanese market with Chernobyl's contaminated food in total legality, the daily Chunichi wrote May 1st. If this info is true, it means that the 500 becquerels safety limit for one year has turned Japan into a trash can for radioactive food from Eastern europe!

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