Sunday, July 29, 2012

Japanese Parliament under peaceful siege

Thousands of Japanese protesters rallied to demand the government abandon nuclear power after the 3/11 atomic accident of Fukushima

For months resilient Japanese ordinary citizens and anti nuclear activists demonstrated in Tokyo without having any single arrest or violence! After the outstanding demonstration event organized July 16th by Literature Nobel Price Oe Kenzaburo in Yoyogi, Tokyo this Sunday evening was again the theater of an other "Sayonara to the Nukes" massive demonstration held in the overheated Hibiya park, downtown. From 7 PM, thousands orderly formed a human chain around the Japanese Parliament and lighted thousands of candles. Families and citizens imposed themselves peacefully against the police whose orders are to try to marshall the demonstrators, apparently without any effect. The sight of Nagatacho with the Japanese Parliament surrounded by thousands of people and candles was so impressive. NHK gave a 20 seconds coverage after the Judo Olympics from London... Huh! Media have a funny way not to report about news or about information hierarchy!

Today the whole world knows about the Sayonara to the Nukes demonstrations, thanks to the social networks. The "hydrangea" peaceful anti-nuclear demonstrations won't stop here apparently and this citizens' movement is made to last. It is just a question of time prior to impose changes and kick out negligent or... corrupted individuals? Not so easy. Already Tepco is de facto nationalized and will be allegedly seriously monitored but I hear somber plans from other Japanese atomic electricity companies, this is also what angers these demonstrators I guess. Their prime fear is risk of extreme sudden contingency at Fukushima while we know that irradiation continues to spread from Dai 1 reactors, I am also told there are other diseases than leukemia or cancer we start to hear about such cases of heart (cardiovascular) diseases. Asking scientists from Criirad and Acro is quite meaningful. Today Japanese told loudly to their rulers, hiding behind their palaces' windows, that they won't get away threatening children's life. Japanese carry on with their protests... slowly and surely, like the tectonic plates they stand on, an irreversible dramatic move! 

VDO of Kjeld about the demonstration, something the Japanese TV did not show.

An article in the US media

(Illust. utsandiego)

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  1. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Joel , you wrote an astonishing news report. I heard your excellent report from the internet at RTL during the demonstration in Yoyogi. You hold, as one of the rare correspondents who seem to have the energy, the optimism, the good faith and the "resilience", to inform the world after this March deflagration in Fukushima.

    But why don't you write more in French also?


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