Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chinese tourists flow to Japan 
Unheard Senkaku Diaoyu islands protests

京都で撮影された中国からの観光客、着物のファッションショーを観覧(2012年9月20日)。These tourists from China are filmed in Kyoto, they attend a Kimono fashion show in Kyoto on Thursday September 20th 2012 while China and Japan allegedly are on the verge of a "war." This group of hundred young tourists are unaffected by the Senkaku Diaoyu islands friction, and as loads of other Chinese tourists, are touring Kyoto, Arashiyama and Nara on sightseeing while Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese nationalists politicians and their troops are making lots of noise about some strategical (but lost in the middle of the sea) rocks and islets in the China seas and thoroughly monitored by Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese governmental ships. Maybe attention should also be focussed on what ordinary people wish to do and how they wish to live freely their existence. Japanese war alike channels ignored these hundreds (thousands a week I'm told) of visitors to Japan, Tokyo Ginza included, and preferred to excite viewers and audience with pictures of calls for war? Huh! Media and psychology...

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