Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ishihara resigns from Tokyo Metropolitan Government 

Ishihara creates a new party and enters into national politics

Governor Shintaro Ishihara resigns from his position as governor, and launches a new party. He criticises obedience of current Japanese government in international issues such as the Senkaku or the Japanese abductees in North Korea. Very popular at 80 years old and four time reelected as Governor of Tokyo, the powerful politician could create a political Tsunami after the Senkaku territorial dispute with China. He will announce his agenda in the coming weeks with the prospect of a dissolution of the Parliament and a new government. Ishihara mentioned the Senkaku, North Korea, the territorial issues and also expressed dissatisfaction with the ministry of Foreign Affairs and some of the Democrat main politicians of the DPJ such as Maehara.

It will be interesting to see what alliance he is to form and if he will gain support of the Osaka Mayor Hashimoto, an other nationalist populist, but certainly creates a storm at Nagatacho. Ishihara will also have to clarify his position vis a vis the conservative opposition of the LDP led by Abe Shinzo. Japan nowadays is crossing very tumultuous waters following the dissatisfaction of the electorate for the DPJ policy and scandals. Early this week, the minister of Justice had to resign of his position for his alleged links with gangsters (Yakuza) being the 2nd politician to resign in the prime minister Noda's government. Ishihara has an agenda as seen with the April announcement of buying the Senkaku islands.

Remains to see if Japan is to follow a sharp right curve to enter into a more nationalist political scenario and if the electorate is eager to follow harsh political orientation while it is the economy and the future that grabs people's attention nowadays. Ishihara seen often as hostile to Japan obedience to the US will have busy weeks ahead to gather large support of indecisive Japanese electorate. Talking about Ishihara, the ex prime minister Yasuhiro Nakasone used to described him with disdain as just "a writer".

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