Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Japanese society sickened by anti foreigners "Hate speech"
The nationalist agenda

The Mainichi Shimbun national daily carries today, July 10th 2013, my views on Japanese society, with a focus on extremism and nationalism with the current anti foreigners, Koreans and Chinese, demonstrations held by Japanese extreme right organisations in "Hate speech". We had an event at the press club yesterday with Mr. Kunio Suzuki, a right-wing adviser to the nationalist Japanese political organisation Issuikai and Mr. Yoshifu Arita, Senator of the Democratic Party of Japan.

One is a nationalist the other is a centre-left Senator. Suzuki believes these Hate Speech groups are in close contact with the police and able to get permission to organise demonstrations: "These demonstrators are flying the Japanese flag at these marches. I feel that the 'Hinomaru' flag is crying at being used by these people in this way." Suzuki stated.

I explained in the interview by Mainichi Shimbun that Japanese appear indifferent to their world and often refuse to stand against discriminations. In other words, that Japan is non committed, indifferent and insensitive to others, but that such hate speech only is the fact of minority in desolation with economic hardship and that Japanese majority opts for very peaceful policies.

Such Hate Speech demonstrations happen during week-ends (Sunday mostly) in Tokyo Shin-Okubo, quarters of residency of many Koreans residents. 600,000 Koreans live in Japan, most descendants of labourers brought to Japan during colonial rule. A lot of Chinese reside in Japan and the territorial dispute added hostility steam between Japan and her neighbours.

The Mainichi Shimbun article:

Picture from a video footage at Shin-Okubo, Tokyo "Korea town"

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