Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"Japan was not on the top-spot for US congress members"

US ambassador Caroline Bouvier Kennedy

Congressman James Sensenbrenner Jr.(R Wi) L & Akihisa Nagashima (Minshuto) R

I attended an interesting press meeting, relax and in-depth talks, with US ambassador Caroline Bouvier Kennedy, Congresswoman DianaDeGette (D Co), Congressmen Gerald E Conolly, James Sensenbrenner (R Wi) Charlie Dent (R PA) with their Japanese counterparts such as Japanese minister Yoshimasa Hayashi (Yamaguchi, UH) (Agriculture LDP) or Nagashima (Minshuto) within the Congressional Study Group on Japan.

Object: TPP and more. "It's politics, economy, security and cultural relation, all, especially since president Obama shifted to Asia said DeGette." "Japan was not on the top-spot for congress members who often fly 35.000 feet above Japan on the way to China," said Congressman Sensenbrenner...

Today the aim is to bring together policy makers, 70 Congressmen and chiefs of staff and boost exchange programmes. An other issue came of whom to call on the phone when a problem comes, says Hayashi. EU and Japan have had such deep thought Parliament members discussion for decades.

TPP talks are going to be very tough.

Yoshimasa Hayashi (Yamaguchi, UH. Minister of Agriculture LDP)

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