Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Envoyé spécial sur Okinawa - RTL Monde (RTL 世界)

On the occasion of the visit of Japan prime minister Shinzo Abe in Paris, I report about the situation on Okinawa islands, US military presence in Okinawa, with Futenma, Nago and Henoko, about the economic situation, the long expectation of Okinawa people towards Tokyo and Washington. I also focus on Okinawa's economy, on media and cultural life. I attend art festival and the Yoshimoto Kogyo 6th film festival. Okinawa, and her people, an oceanic pearl in the China seas is aspiring to a more natural life and the ability to use her economy opting for the end of this enduring traumatic "cold war" atmosphere. This is seen lately with the "territorial dispute" between China, Korea and Japan. RTL Monde, special assignment Joel Legendre, anchored by Philippe Robuchon.

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