Friday, July 18, 2014

Carlos Ghosn July 17, 2014 Renault Nissan Global Alliance strategy

Carlos Ghosn on my youtube channel:

Stuck in traffic? Why not watch a movie or improvise a videoconference? It will soon be possible thanks to the autonomous car, the future of the automotive industry, said this week in Tokyo Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault-Nissan alliance. This news has been commented everywhere, because the PR service of Nissan works well. So, I propose you the other 4 main questions asked to Carlos Ghosn, philosophy and strategy of the world market by Renault Nissan alliance, women as executives, Nissan as a pioneer company, and what becomes now a ritual, each year, Japanese media repeat that he is the best paid CEO in Japan, Toyota CEO man gets 4 times less, and the press goes on with it… So I also asked him about his compensation, at the press club Tokyo, July 17th 2014 09:00am 10:00am.

Q1 (Jlk): What is Renault Nissan Global Alliance strategy today in regards to market share, profit margin, world market and platform strategy?

Q2: What is the benefit of having women as leaders in Japanese corporations?

Q3: EV, Nissan Pioneer strategy?

Q4 (Jlk): What is a Nissan Chief Executive salary?

Carlos Ghosn answers to these 4 questions 

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