Thursday, November 27, 2014

Emmanuel Macron's arrow in Tokyo: "Innovative mindset"

Emmanuel Macron on Japanese television 

"Japan-France economic relations opportunities emphasise how strategic are these two mature countries, facing (having) similar challenges", the Nikkei writes about French minister of Economy Emmanuel Macron: "日仏の経済関係がいかに戦略的かを強調する機会にしたい。この2つの成熟した国は、改革や成長などの面で同様の課題を抱えている"

The minister accompanied by Senator EELV Jean-Vincent Place, met his South Korean counterpart in Seoul and his Japanese counterpart in Tokyo.

To the three arrows of Prime Minister Abe’s policy stimulus (monetary, fiscal, reformer), Macron responded with "three pillars". First, "financial restructuring". "Our mission is to reduce public spending," said the minister during a speech in Paris Europlace financial forum. "This is the first time that we have such an offensive program.”

Emmanuel Macron highlighted France “offensive" reforms to Japanese investors in Tokyo. Boost growth he repeated. Guest on Japanese TV, Macron answered in English to questions of the Japanese reporters. Macron is very ambitious about the future of the French economy. "Clearing and structural reforms" are required he said at a news gathering with French and Japanese media at the French embassy later in the day, prior to fly back to Paris with his cabinet team.

A significant visit for the Minister. "Bercy" (French ministry of economy Paris quarters) reminded that France is the 3rd largest investor in Japan behind the United States and the Netherlands while Japan is the first Asian investor in France. Praised last week by Francois Hollande, the dynamic Emmanuel Macron could see himself targeting several points with his French archer's bow: growth, structural reforms and “move frontiers” thanks to innovative mindset.

Innovation, that's the point, and it requires a spiritual revolution, as seen in the start-up firms blooming in France with new partnerships created now in Japan.

Macron also lectured students of the well known Waseda university:

【講演者】フランス共和国 エマニュエル・マクロン経済・産業・デジタル大臣
【講演テーマ】 ”Facing reforms: What does it take for France”
【場所】早稲田大学 11号館5階502教室

【主催】早稲田大学 現代政治経済研究所

Macron is different and the Japanese liked his visit, and praised him. Rare case in the archipelago where emotions are normally buried deep down. Now is time to consolidate.

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