Saturday, September 05, 2015

China's military build-up in North-East Asia

Tiananmen, Peking

Very nationalistic and militaristic. Isn't it what China says about Japan? It is not on a parade day even on Tiananmen that we can judge of the ability and strength of an army, navy, airforce on a war theatre zone. The military build-up in North-East Asia isn't new, China already was engaged in wars in the XXth century, Korean war, WW2 though in disorganised bands and not actually part of the offensive against Nazis or Japanese military. (La Chine donne cette étrange impression de s'inviter hâtivement parmi les nations ayant fourni le plus impressionnant effort de guerre) So, is China today worrisome or to be understood as an act of rebalancing? Will China settle its problems thanks to international mediation? How do the Chinese project their own image? Chinese TV reported in English. Images are sometimes terrible. The narrators and reporters could anchor better, methinks, looks too close to the "ideological script" and sometimes appear "gauche, inelegant, inexact." Anchors of Chinese broadcasters need better training to match other international foreign stations. The anchor who tries to put all vileness about Japan in his guest' mouth at the 50th minute is absolutely unprofessional. Could do better, will do better fort sure next parade... Here is the link of the TV report, 3 hours.

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