Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Emperor Akihito Greeted by Crowds at Budokan Tokyo 15 August 2016

As the War Memorial ceremony was ending, the Emperor was escorted by master of Ceremony Shiozaki around 12:50 August 15th, slowly the imperial couple walking to the exit of Budokan, and as Emperor Akihito walks we suddenly hear a Banzai coming from the giant hall, then thunders of hand clapping with people gathering in the same act of respect to Akihito (and love as Kuniko Inoguchi san - ex Minister of State for Gender Equality and Social Affairs - told me after the event).

It happened once, and it is the first time I see it, especially after the address of the Emperor related to his message to the people August 8th, what media called his "abdication" message.

Suddenly again, for a second time, a row of applause while the imperial couple walks to the door, a second Banzai comes from the seats, and never ending clapping again. The Emperor stopped a second time, watch to the people and bowed as respect for the crowds this time. Then he left the Budokan with Empress Michiko greeted by crowds. My video jumps a bit as we all were astonished to see such a well wishing expression all of a sudden from the 5,000 thousands people attending the event.

Politicians of the government were impressed, surprised, kind of feared this wave of calm and genuine devotion for the Emperor after his life spent for helping with his status and the people living here.


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