Saturday, October 16, 2004

Opaqueness to come about Japan's defense

Japan is likely to move a joint research project with
the United States on a new missile shield to the
development phase soon, Defence Minister Yoshinori Ono

Japan, which decided last December to buy a US-made
missile defence system, joined in the joint research on
a next-generation shield after North Korea test-fired a
ballistic missile that passed over Japan in 1998. Joint
technological research will eventually lead to the joint
development and production phase.

'If it doesn't, there will surely be a question as to
why we are doing joint technological research,' he said.

Asked when Japan would move the project to the
development and production phase, Mr Ono said: 'I think
that will happen in the not too distant future.' He did
not give a specific date."

Maybe better ask to Mitsubishi. Commentators say:
"Opaqueness to come about Japan's defense won't reassure

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