Saturday, October 16, 2004

South Korea details of agreement on U.S. forces relocation

Rep. Roh Hoe-chan of the Democratic Labor Party
disclosed on Friday the details of an agreement reached
in August between South Korea and the U.S. on the
relocation of the Yongsan Garrison. This is the first
time the entire text of the agreement has been revealed,
though the gist of the agreement has already been made

According to the agreement, the Combined Forces Command
and the U.N Command will relocate by the end of 2007 and
the Yongsan base will completely relocate by the end of
2008. Korea will bear the full cost of the relocations.

Rep. Roh said that the South Korean negotiating team had
given into all of the U.S.'s demands and had ignored
input by President Roh Moo-hyun, regarding him as an
anti-U.S. activist, and the relocation agreement is
worse than a previous agreement drawn up in 1990, which
has been heavily criticized as being unfair. To support
his claims, Rep. Roh points to the fact that Korea will
have to pay the full cost of the relocation, which could
be extensive. After the cabinet meeting approves the
agreement, the National Assembly will have to ratify it.

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